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Reach out to your customers online

Promoting your products or launching new campaigns? I craft experiences, design the content, and implement them on your website.

Whether you are using Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), WordPress, TeamSite, or other content management systems, I learn fast and hit the ground running to ensure your content are published timely.

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Expand your reach globally

Running large-scale and multilingual websites? I coordinate the translations, localizations and rollouts of your web content across regions, so that you can focus on the big picture.

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Showcase your best

From style guides to punctuations, I adhere to your company's brand, governance, compliance and best practices. With details taken care of, you can build your brand with content of highest quality and consistency.

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Always learning

Looking to do more than just implementations, I have been self-learning to broaden my knowledge in analytical and strategic planning through courses and books.

Here are the 3 areas I am working on:

Web Analytics

I believe in making informed decisions based on data collected to identify areas of improvement on how we can better present content and elements on a website.

User Experience

Equally important as quantitative insights, understanding the What's and Why's of customer objectives and sentiments are crucial in closing the gap of misguidance and intended goals in a user journey.


Self-learnt HTML at the age of 12, I love bringing my web designs to life. Navigating the territories of CSS and JavaScript alone can be disorienting. I'm always keen to learn the different frameworks, workflows and best practices in coding from seasoned developers.

Past Work

To view my portfolio, please reach out to me by e-mail.

You can also read a summary of them on my LinkedIn profile.

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