I am Bee Ping.
Need solutions for your website setup and operations, or digital marketing projects?

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Web Content Management

Looking for an experienced webmaster to run your websites and campaign marketing pages?

I wear multiple hats – from design and development, to project management and publishing. Let's hit the ground running with your preferred Web Content Management System (CMS).

  • Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)
  • OpenText (formerly TeamSite)
  • ...or other in-house and enterprise CMS's like Sitecore or Salesforce which I would love to learn!

  • Shopify
  • Wix
  • WordPress.com
  • ...or any website builder that you are using or prefer.

I can also register your domain, set up the web hosting and business e-mail accounts to get you started.

Past projects:
  • AEM: Launched and managed 24 websites in 12 languages for 19 APAC markets
  • TeamSite: Facilitated website launches and design revamp in 9 languages for 17 APAC markets
  • In-house CMS: Managed offers & resource center in 11 languages for 18 APAC markets

Adobe Professional: AEM Business Practitioner

Digital Marketing

Marketing for your brand and products online?

I can support your business in a wide spectrum of digital marketing activities, such as content planning to distribution, social media operations, digital advertising, and increasing your brand's visibility on Google search.

In progress:

Digital Marketing Strategist Certification at Equinet Academy

Translation Workflow

Running multi-language websites?

I coordinate translations and localizations of your web content across regions, so that you can focus on the big picture.

Past projects:
  • Liaised among global and in-country teams to roll out translated and localized web content in 12 languages across APAC.
  • Recommended the use of an integrated translation tool, which reduces translation costs and manual content authoring, to the local markets.

Quality Assurance

From design styles to punctuations, I adhere to your company's brand guidelines and best practices. With details taken care of, I can build your brand with content of highest quality and consistency.

Past projects:
  • Improved content quality and upheld 100% compliance records during monthly audits – based on text formatting, image requirements and consistencies.
  • Advised external agencies on fixes required from content audits, by reviewing brand guidelines and CMS's best practices.


To view my past projects, please get in touch by e-mail.

You can also read a summary of them on my LinkedIn profile.

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