Logicalizing & Re-writing the Drivers’ Incentives Statement

Problem: Descriptions were confusing and difficult to understand

When I first received examples of the existing statements, I found the incentive descriptions confusing and difficult to understand despite learning how the incentives system works.

As I also wanted to know if the drivers were in the same situation, I created a short survey to validate my thoughts and get feedback from them.

I posted the survey on Facebook groups for drivers and received 20 responses in 3 days. Through this, it revealed that more than half of the respondents found it difficult to understand the breakdown of the incentives found on the weekly statements, and 70% of them thought that the sentence structures could be improved – aligned to my initial thoughts.

Solution: Following mathematical flows and simplifying sentences

After understanding the incentives system and prioritizing feedback from drivers, I re-wrote the descriptions based on the mathematical flow of the incentive formulas and simplified the sentence structures, color-coded below:

Below shows the mockup of how the incentives descriptions would look like on the PDF statements:

Other insights

It was interesting to note that all 20 respondents took the survey on mobile devices, which possibly added on to the difficulty of reading the PDF statements.

I took the opportunity to suggest improvements by making the PDF statements more mobile-friendly and easier to comprehend visually, for instance adding tables, charts, or calculations to complement the incentives breakdown. 

What could be improved in my assignment?

Due to time constraint, I had to create the survey questions and get responses quickly to proceed with my writing assignment. If more time was allowed, I would research further into areas where the descriptions can be improved, as well as follow up with the drivers to get their feedback of my proposed mockup of the statement.

The name of the company and actual terminologies in this assignment have been changed.

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