Hello world, how are you?

Week 6 of WFH.
Day 15 of Circuit Breaker.
Day 12 since I last stepped out of the house.

This may sound strange coming from me. While I have been coping well with the WFH arrangement, I’m starting to miss the social interactions with the outside world. Even something that we used to hear every day:

“Having here or takeaway?”

It’s timely that Animal Crossing: New Horizons was released just before the Circuit Breaker started. The open world game made it fun to catch up with my friends and colleagues virtually, at the same time keep one another sane during this period.

It has consumed my life in the past few weeks, so much so that I have a daily routine in the game:

  • Morning: Collect resources
  • Lunch break: Talk to villagers, complete tasks
  • Evening: Visit islands, free & easy time

I also built my dream room with a table tennis table, albeit decorative only. It is comforting to walk around admiring the room plastered with posters of my favorite players, knowing that I’m unable to play with my bat for the next few weeks.

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